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by Josh Ray on February 15 '06

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Tyler Acoustics, if you haven't heard of them, is known for taking the most expensive drivers available (that aren't diamond) and putting them in reasonably priced packages. Most of the reviews say at one point or another, "Tyler uses the same drivers in their $1000 speaker as in so-and-so's $10k speaker!" Not that drivers make or break the speaker, but they sure can't hurt.

In any case, Tyler has released a new line called the Pro Dynamics line using the pro drivers (gasp!) from Eminence. Unlike their regular speakers with Seas drivers and average sensitivity, the Pro Dynamics family sports up to 101dB which means you can use smurfish amplification, 1 watt if you so desire. And, as you can see, they're freakin' huge.

Worth mentioning, Tyler rocked Vegas with their speakers in 3 different rooms. Dave Clark at PFO raved about the Tyler/Jolida room with the PD-20s, saying: "These REALLY, REALLY rocked and at that price could get a lot of people (young ones that like to rock) into audio."

Above is the Pro Dynamics PD-20 with 42-20k Hz going for $2800 a pair. The PD-10 uses only one 12" bass driver for 45-20k and a price of $1600pr. There's also the PD-80 with double 15"s and double 10"s for $5200pr as well as the 15" sub above with 1000 watts of juice for $1800 each.

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Update: Dave changed his name recently.

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